'Tis I...

Roman Greholver is a fabulously loquacious, occasionally anxious, idiosyncratic writer and sentence fragment aficionado.


A bitter ship interface, an avid music listener, and perhaps a secret third thing soon? Here you have my recorded thoughts and voice acting endeavors.

My Writing

Assassins in domestic fluff, analogue horror fanfiction, feel-good articles, bright animated fantasy, odd twisted sitcoms. I have it all.

About Me

Domain Name: Empirical Inc
Pen Name: Roman Greholver
Age: 18+
Pronouns: He/They
Likes: Rain storms, metaphors, cartoons, Dressing Up, flowers
Dislikes: Xitter, modern cars, Spotify ads, gorey movies, cringe culture :/
Abilities: Collaborations, copywriting, prose writing, script format, voice acting, basic music composition, basic editingSome Inspirations: Generation Loss, Community, The Twilight Zone, The Penumbra Podcast, Jordan Peele, and Neil GaimanContact: [email protected]
I have a Discord but it's upon request